20 Years of Science of Synthesis

We transform synthesis! For over 100 years, Thieme Chemistry has been providing reviews of the best synthetic methods and for 20 years, Science of Synthesis (SoS) has been available online, providing a curated overview of a topic, written by chemists for chemists.

What do you get from SoS?

  • A logically organized overview of organic transformations at a glance
  • Comprehensive reviews of organic and organometallic synthetic methods
  • A focus on the best synthetic methods, selected by experts, saving you time when planning your synthesis and giving you a better chance of success when you come to carry it out.
  • Practical experimental procedures that are immediately applicable in the lab

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary, we are making a selection of SoS reviews freely available to everyoneWe’ll be adding further free articles throughout the year, so keep checking back here or look out for our newsletters and posts on Twitter and Facebook. 

Articles by the SOS Original Editorial Board

SOS was founded in 2000, with an international Editorial Board consisting of some of the world’s most renowned organic chemists. As well as being on the Editorial Board, guiding the direction of the project, many of the board members contributed their personal expertise in reviews for SOS. Here we’re giving you free access to reviews by Steven Ley, Eric Jacobsen, and Manfred Regitz – all members of the original SOS Editorial Board.

Spiroketals (Steven Ley, Lech-Gustav Milroy, Rebecca Myers)

Mannich Reaction (Noah Burns, Eric Jacobsen)

Four-Membered Rings with One or More Heteroatoms (Manfred Regitz, Uwe Bergsträsser)

Articles by new Editorial Board Members

Over the years, new chemists have joined the SOS Editorial Board, maintaining its dynamic nature and bringing new ideas and experience. The links below give you free access to reviews by some of the newer members of the board – Shu Kobayashi, Cristina Nevado, and Shu-li You.

Perspective: The New World of Organic Chemistry Using Water as Solvent (Shu Kobayashi)

Gold-Catalyzed Reactions of Alkenes (Teresa de Haro, David Garayalde, Cristina Nevado)

C—C Bond Formation by Double C—H Activation (Jibao Xia, Shuli You)

Articles about Silicon Chemistry

The original Science of Synthesis volume on organosilicon chemistry was edited by Ian Fleming (who else could do it?). His natural successor for the Knowledge Updates was Martin Oestreich. The links below give you free taster of some of the excellent recent reviews on organosilicon chemistry in SOS.

Silylboron Reagents (Lukas Delvos, Martin Oestreich)

β-Silyl Carbonyl Compounds (Fady Nahra, Olivier Riant)

Silyl Sulfides and Selenides (Thomas Wirth, Alistair Baker)

To mark the 20th anniversary of Science of Synthesis, we will be celebrating at the following conferences. A special reception will be held at the ACS Fall Meeting in San Francisco (Aug 16-20).

Please post your birthday wishes on social media using #SOS20Years or #WeTransformSynthesis!

This is how the online version of Science of Synthesis developed over the years:

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