Copper-Mediated Oxidative Fluorination of Aryl Stannanes with Fluoride

Jennifer Murphy reports on the copper-mediated oxidative fluorination of aryl stannanes with fluoride.

The importance of fluorinated organic molecules in applications such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, new materials and imaging agents for positron-emission tomography (PET) has become well understood within the scientific community. While carbon–fluorine bond construction is a challenging chemical transformation that, until recently, was limited to simple substrates that could tolerate harsh conditions, a remarkable number of novel synthetic methodologies for C–F bond construction has been reported in the past decade. Most methods have considerably improved the accessibility of fluorinated arenes, but many of them require the use of electrophilic fluorinating sources (e.g., Selectfluor, N-fluoropyridinium salts) which are not useful for applications in PET.

The group of Professor Jennifer Murphy at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA, USA) was interested in expanding existing methods available for 18F-radiofluorination towards applications in PET and this led them to investigate oxidative fluorination chemistry.

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