Crowd peer review is now available at SynOpen!

It is our pleasure to announce crowd peer review as a review option to SynOpen. When submitting a paper to SynOpen, you can now choose if you want your paper to undergo crowd peer review, classic peer review or both.

In today’s fast-moving scientific world, it becomes increasingly important to publish research results rapidly by maintaining or improving quality and integrity. This is what crowd review aims for: it is an interactive and secure process that improves the quality and speed of publishing by receiving a higher number of peer reviews in a short timeframe.

Prof. Laurence Harwood states: “As SynOpen continues to grow in stature from its inception just over 18 months ago, the editorial team wants to open new boundaries and so will be actively engaging with the "crowd review" process for refereeing papers that has been rolled out and successfully trialled with SYNLETT.

It is the proposal that, henceforth, SynOpen will move to crowd review as the default option for all submissions - while still continuing to permit contributors to ask for the standard review process if preferred - as crowd review has been demonstrated to cut down the refereeing process to a matter of days and to provide a much wider range of reference data, upon which the editorial office can make a final informed decision.

To this end, Dr. Philippa Cranwell has joined the Editorial Board of SynOpen, specifically to oversee the crowd review process. Thus contributors to SynOpen can be assured of active and concerted attention to their manuscripts with a rapid turn round of decision making.


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