Debabrata Maiti becomes new SYNLETT Editor-in-Chief

Debabrata Maiti will take on the role of Editor-in-Chief on January 1, 2024.

It is our great pleasure to announce that Professor Debabrata Maiti (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India) will take over the position of SYNLETT Editor-in-Chief from Professor Benjamin List (Max-Planck-Institute, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany) in January 2024.

Debabrata Maiti was born in India in 1980 and obtained his BSc at RKM Vidyamandira, Belur Math in 2001 and his MSc in 2003 under the supervision of Prof. Goutam Kumar Lahiri, IIT Bombay. In 2008, he completed his PhD at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, under the supervision of Prof. Kenneth D. Karlin. After postdoctoral studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology under Prof. Stephen L. Buchwald, he joined the Department of Chemistry at IIT Bombay in 2011. Debabrata has received several awards, such as the 2013 Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award, National Academy of Sciences, India, the Thieme Chemistry Journals Award in 2013, and the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology 2022, the highest recognition in the field of Indian science and technology. His research interests are focused on the development of remote C–H functionalization reactions, bioinspired catalysis, and new and sustainable synthetic and catalytic methodologies.

Thieme has been publishing the international journal SYNLETT since 1989, when Peter Vollhardt founded the journal together with Bernd Giese, Steve Ley (CBE), and Hisashi Yamamoto. The late Victor Snieckus joined them in 1990 to complete the original Editorial Board who served together, with other additions over the years, for some two decades. Benjamin List came on board in 2011 as a Regional Editor (successor to Bernd Giese) and has held the role of Editor-in-Chief since 2015 when he took over from Peter Vollhardt. Together with a renewed Editorial Board, he played a key role in shaping the journal, especially as mastermind and developer of the Select Crowd Review process, which combines modern peer review with innovative technology. Benjamin List remains with us as SYNFACTS editor for the category 'Organo- and Biocatalysis'. 

Debabrata Maiti will be the first Editor-in-Chief from India in the history of Thieme Chemistry journals, and we invite researchers, authors, and reviewers from around the world to warmly welcome him in his new role. We are confident that his leadership will inspire excellence, encourage collaboration, and facilitate the dissemination of groundbreaking research in organic synthesis. We look forward to fruitful collaborations!

Recently, Debabrata Maiti, Santanu Mukherjee, and Benjamin List edited a special issue in SYNLETT, highlighting the state of the art and the development of Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis in India (part I: and part II:

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SYNLETT is an international, single-anonymous peer-reviewed journal reporting research results and current trends in chemical synthesis in short, personalized reviews and preliminary communications. It covers all fields of organic chemistry involving synthesis, including catalysis, organometallic, medicinal, biological, and photochemistry, but also related disciplines. Besides quality and data security, speed is of high importance in publishing research results. SYNLETT offers Select Crowd Review (SCR) as an additional option to traditional peer review.

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