First Total Synthesis of Artekeiskeanol A, C and Altissimacoumarin D

First Total Synthesis of Artekeiskeanol A, C and Altissimacoumarin D: A. Talakokkula, K. Baikadi, A. V. Narsaiah
SynOpen 2019, 3, 49–54

The coumarin scaffold is contained in countless natural products from a variety of different origins. These compounds often display interesting and useful biological activities and represent attractive targets in organic synthesis. Artekeiskeanols and related compounds, which feature a coumarin unit linked to a monoterpenol chain, were isolated from plants of the Artemisia genus and used in Korean traditional medicine. The group of Professor A. Venkat Narsaiah from the CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad (India) recently reported the first total synthesis of these compounds. 

Professor Narsaiah said: “Natural products artekeiskeanols and altissimacoumarin D, containing the privileged coumarin core unit, exhibit significant biological activity against amenorrhea, gynaecopathy, bruising, rheumatic, antigenstimulant RBL-2H3 and influence a variety of cellular processes such as energy metabolism, cell-cycle progression, muscle differentiation, fat mobilization, and aging.” 

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