Publish your research results in SYNTHESIS and SYNLETT now to get a chance to win the Best Paper Awards!


    SYNTHESIS/SYNLETT Best Paper Awards

    Publish your research results in SYNTHESIS and SYNLETT now to get a chance to win the Best Paper Awards!

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24.08.2015 Science of Synthesis Poster Prize awarded at Biotrans

Nina Richter wins the Poster Prize at this year’s Biotrans in Vienna and receives a free copy of the SOS title ‘Biocatalysis in Organic Synthesis‘.

Catalytic Transformations via C—H Activation 19.08.2015 Catalytic Transformations via C—H Activation

This new volume presents the state of the art in C-H activation chemistry.

CSA Trust Logo 13.08.2015 CSA Trust Newsletter is out now

The summer edition introduces four grant awardees and other news from the chemical information field.

11.08.2015 Orthogonally Protected Diazaspiro[3.4]octane Analogues

Maciej Pudelko presents a novel synthesis of orthogonally protected diazaspiro[3.4]octane analogues.

24.07.2015 Thieme-IUPAC Prize 2016

The call for nominations is open, propose now with your materials!

22.07.2015 SYNFACTS Poster Prize awarded at the OMCOS

Akito Ohgi wins the popular SYNFACTS Poster Prize.

22.07.2015 Thieme Chemistry Authors Map

Discover Thieme Chemistry’s author community in a new web feature.

20.07.2015 SYNFACTS Poster Prizes awarded at NOS 2015

Greg Lackner and Andrew J. Neel win the poster prize at the 44th National Organic Chemistry Symposium and receive a free one-year SYNFACTS subscription.

20.07.2015 Science of Synthesis trainings in Japan

Thieme Chemistry’s Managing Director presented the latest SoS version at several universities.

15.07.2015 SYNFACTS Poster Prize awarded

Helena Brodnik wins the Poster Prize at the 16th Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry and thus receives a free one-year subscription of SYNFACTS.

09.07.2015 Trityl Group Deprotection from Tetrazoles

Miguel Yus and Cherif Behloul report in SYNLETT the cleavage of the trityl group from protected tetrazoles.

26.06.2015 SYNTHESIS/SYNLETT Best Paper Awards 2015

Thieme Chemistry honors the authors of the best original research paper in each of the journals.

24.06.2015 Synthesis of Cyclotribenzoin

Ognjen Š. Miljanić describes in SYNLETT the synthesis of cyclotribenzoin for potential supramolecular applications.

18.06.2015 New Chiral Diaryliodonium Salts

Thomas Wirth presents the synthesis of new chiral diaryliodonium salts in SYNLETT.

29.05.2015 Pharmaceutical Substances 3.8 released

This version contains 32 new APIs including innovations like Nintedanib and Pirfenidone.

12.05.2015 Guido F. Herrmann gives a talk at the MarkLogic World

The Managing Director of Thieme Chemistry will give insights into the combination of text and structure search.

Dr. Guido Koch 27.04.2015 Dr. Guido Koch, Novartis Joins SOS Editorial Board

He brings a wealth of industrial expertise to Science of Synthesis.


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