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Biocatalysis in Organic Synthesis

Discover our latest Science of Synthesis title. Now also available in softcover and e-book format!

  • Biocatalysis in Organic Synthesis

    Biocatalysis in Organic Synthesis

    Discover our latest Science of Synthesis title. Now also available in softcover and e-book format!



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23.04.2015 Synthesis and Analysis of Macrocyclic Peptides with 310-Helical Structure

Allyn T. Londregan describes the synthesis and analysis of macrocyclic peptides in SYNLETT.

27.03.2015 SYNFACTS Poster Prize awarded

Ashfaq Afsar wins the Poster Prize at the South West Regional Meeting of the Organic Division of the RSC.

26.03.2015 Total Synthesis of (+)-Clavulatriene A

Tohru Nagamitsu presents a protecting-group-free total synthesis of (+)-Clavulatriene A in SYNTHESIS.

25.03.2015 New E-Book “Efficiently Studying Organic Chemistry”

Prof. Eberhard Breitmaier’s new textbook helps students to learn the essentials of organic chemistry efficiently.

20.03.2015 Poster Prize awarded at FloHet

Xi Yang was awarded with a SYNFACTS Poster Prize at FloHet.

11.03.2015 Biologically Important Phosphotriesters by Organocatalysis

Alan Spivey reports on the synthesis of biologically important phosphotriesters in SYNLETT.

02.03.2015 New Potential Organic Semiconductors

Shaobin Miao presents the synthesis of large pyrene-fused azaacenes in SYNTHESIS.

26.02.2015 SYNTHESIS-SYNLETT-Lectures at Queen’s University in Kingston

Tomas Hudlicky and Costa Metallinos from Brock University will give two talks on March 6.

Synthesis Reviews 19.02.2015 Apply now for the CSA Trust Grant 2015

The Chemical Structure Association (CSA) Trust awards young researchers for excellent achievements with a unique Grant program. Apply now!

SYNLETT 17.12.2014 Benjamin List is new SYNLETT Editor-in-Chief

Benjamin List, Professor at the Max-Planck-Institute for Coal Research (Mülheim/Ruhr), will take over as Editor-in-Chief from Peter Vollhardt.

12.11.2014 ‘Preis für Pharmatechnik 2013‘ will be awarded

‘Preis für Pharmatechnik 2013‘ will be awarded in combination with a speech our PS author Prof. Dr. Axel Kleemann will give.

06.11.2014 Uwe Bornscheuer awarded with Normann Medal

RÖMPP-Editor Uwe Bornscheuer (University of Greifswald) is awarded with this year’s Normann Medal.

09.10.2014 Science of Synthesis 4.0.1

The new release of Science of Synthesis is now online - offering exciting new content, a new non-Java chemical structure editor and improved text-search capabilities.


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