HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SYNFORM – An Interview with SYNFORM Editor Matteo Zanda (University of Aberdeen, UK)

Matteo Zanda looks back at 10 years of SYNFORM and provides insights to his editorial work as well as his research.

Ten years ago – in May 2007 – SYNFORM started as a new adventure and collaboration between Thieme Chemistry’s journals department and Professor Matteo Zanda. The project was initiated in order to “serve the international chemistry community by publishing timely information about new scientific advances in organic chemistry and related fields of research,” as Matteo Zanda wrote in his inaugural editorial. SYNFORM was and is meant to inform you, our readers, about facts and people from the world of chemical sciences – all this in a stimulating and thought-provoking manner. 

Starting with only two sections – Inside Stories and SynStories – content, format, layout, and publication frequency have been developed and changed during the last decade. In addition to pieces covering interesting articles from the current literature, nearly every issue now contains an interview with a member from the younger generation of chemists – the Young Career Focus. These regular sections are spiced up with Conference Reports and ChemSites (specifically presenting departments or institutions). And there are plenty more ideas for the next ten years!

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of SYNFORM, the tables were turned for this interview: Matteo Zanda was happy to answer some questions from the Thieme Chemistry team.

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