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Synthesis Reviews

Synthesis Reviews is a database that can be accessed free of charge and contains 36,721 English language review articles (from journals and books) of interest to synthetic organic chemists. It is sponsored by Georg Thieme Verlag and is provided as a service to the synthetic community. It includes the previous version (which covered literature between 1970 and 2015) plus an update containing articles published until the end of 2016. Since the 2014 update each reference has an URL link to the corresponding web site which contains the detailed description of the review and access its the full text.

The database was compiled by:

Professor Philip J. Kocienski
P.J.Kocienski@leeds.ac.uk and
Dr. Krzysztof Jarowicki

The authors do not accept responsibility for the accuracy, content, or selection of the data.

Synthesis Reviews is not copy-protected and copies can be freely circulated. Release dates of the annual updates will be announced in our News section.





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