Synthesis Reviews Downloads

We provide the Synthesis Reviews database in three formats:

IBM version (text file, zip, 3,077 kB)
Mac version (text file, zip, 3,077 kB) 
IBM/Mac version (EndNote X7, zip, 3,314 kB)

The files are supplied as zip compressed files. After decompression, text files can be opened by any word processor and searched using the usual word processor search functions. However, we recommend the use of the database in conjunction with EndNote (see below).

EndNote is a bibliographic management program which provides a database for storing, sorting, managing, searching and editing bibliographic references. Used in conjunction with a word processor such as Microsoft Word, EndNote will generate bibliographies automatically.

The Synthesis Reviews database is supplied in form of Endnote libraries which must be used with the EndNote program. However, the text files we provide are in Reference Manager (RIS) format and ready for importation into EndNote. Our EndNote libraries can also be viewed using the EndNote Demonstration Program available from



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