Congratulations to the first SYNTHESIS/SYNLETT Best Paper Award Winners!

Laurent Evanno and Erwan Poupon for SYNTHESIS and Frank Glorius for SYNLETT, together with their co-authors, are the recipients of the 2015 Best Paper Awards.

We are delighted to announce that Laurent Evanno (right) and Erwan Poupon (left) from the Université Paris-Sud in Châtenay-Malabry (France) are honored with the SYNTHESIS Best Paper Award 2015. Together with their co-workers they receive the prize for their Feature Article on Harnessing the Intrinsic Reactivity within the Aplysinopsin Series for the Synthesis of Intricate Dimers: Natural from Start to Finish. According to Paul Knochel, Editor-in-Chief of SYNTHESIS, Laurent Evanno and Erwan Poupon describe “in an elegant way how the consideration of biosynthetic aspects has led to the first total synthesis of dictazole B and its cyclobutane analogue. Their total synthesis of tubastrindole B has been achieved through a very original ring expansion starting from the dictazole precursor. In summary, a remarkable work clearly deserving the merits for best paper in 2015.”

For more background information, please read the SYNFORM interview with Erwan Poupon and Laurent Evanno.


It is also a great pleasure to announce that Frank Glorius from the University of Münster (Germany) has won the SYNLETT Best Paper Award 2015. Frank Glorius and his co-workers are honored for their work on the Asymmetric Homogeneous Hydrogenation of 2-Pyridones. Benjamin List, Editor-in-Chief of SYNLETT, praised the paper as a publication that “stands for what we expect from the best SYNLETT papers: To provide an original solution to a significant synthetic problem. The work of the Glorius team represents a new approach to the asymmetric hydrogenation of 2-pyridones and provides an elegant access to enantiopure 2-piperidones.”

For more background information, please read the SYNFORM interview with Frank Glorius

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SYNTHESIS Best Paper Award 2015 article
SYNLETT Best Paper Award 2015 article

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