Thieme Chemistry and the Editors of SYNTHESIS and SYNLETT present the “SYNTHESIS/SYNLETT Best Paper Awards”. These annual awards will honor the authors of the best original research papers in each of the journals, considering their immediate impact on the field of chemical synthesis.

Publish your best papers in SYNTHESIS and SYNLETT to qualify for the awards!

Your paper should present high-impact research results including, for example:

• new methods with a broad range of applicability to synthetic problems
• significant improvements of existing methods (e.g., through catalysis)
• the application of synthetic methods to large-scale production
• ecologically benign and economically improved versions of existing synthetic transformations
• new bond-forming reactions

The prize is awarded by the Editorial Boards of SYNTHESIS and SYNLETT, represented by their Editors-in-Chiefs Mark Lautens and Debabrata Maiti. The winners of the two awards receive € 3000 each and a framed certificate. Papers are nominated by the Editorial Board and Advisory Board members of both journals. Each Board Member may select a maximum of three papers per journal and year. The decision about the prize winners will be made at the beginning of each year (considering papers published in the previous year) and announced publicly at the end of January.


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