Call for nominations for the Dr. Margaret Faul Women in Chemistry and Women in the Chemical Industry Awards 2025

Call for nominations for the 2025 Dr. Margaret Faul Women in Chemistry awards to recognize the outstanding achievements of women in organic chemistry. In 2025, for the first time, two separate awards will be made for women working in academia and in industry.

General Principles

  • Each prize is awarded to a young woman of any nationality within the first 15 years of her independent career in chemical research.
  • The prizes will be awarded in recognition of the candidates’ outstanding achievements in organic chemistry, broadly defined to include medicinal, biological, organometallic, or materials chemistry, and related areas.


Nomination Details

Proposals must be accompanied by:

  • a resume or CV of the nominee
  • a list of the candidate’s most significant publications (up to 10)
  • a statement describing the candidate’s work and its importance (up to 3 pages)
  • a short citation summarizing the candidate’s achievements (1-2 sentences)

The material will be confidentially forwarded to an independent selection committee. Self-nomination is not permitted.


Scientific excellence, as stipulated in the General Principles, applies to both the Dr. Margaret Faul Women in Chemistry Award 2025 and the Dr. Margaret Faul Women in the Chemical Industry Award 2025.


Selection Committee Chairs

Dr. Margaret Faul
Amgen Inc.

Prof. Dr. Alois Fürstner
Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung | Mülheim, Germany


Deadline: Dec. 13, 2024

Nomination materials should be submitted by e-mail to Dr. Marcus White (E-Mail).


Prize Ceremony

The prize ceremony will take place at an international conference in 2025; details of the venue and date will be announced in autumn 2024. Both awardees will be expected to give a lecture on their work following the prize ceremony.