Mendeleev, Menshutkin and Beilstein: A New Generation Takes Over

This Name Reaction Biography presents Dmitri Mendeleev, Nikolai Menshutkin, and Friedrich Konrad Beilstein.

This year is the sesquicentennial of the publication of the periodic table, and 2019 has been designated the International Year of the Periodic Table by UNESCO. Of equal (or more) importance to organic chemists, this year is also the sesquicentennial of the initial publication of Markovnikov’s Rule, making 1869 a standout year for Russian chemistry. As a result, during this sesquicentennial year, the Name Reaction Biography columns will focus on Russian name reactions and rules. The last third of the 19th century was a banner era in Russian organic chemistry. In 1868, the Russian Chemical Society was founded during a meeting of the first Congress of Russian Naturalists and Physicians, making it one of the oldest chemical societies in Europe. During this time, Butlerov, Borodin, Markovnikov, Zaitsev, Wagner, Zelinskii, Beilstein, Reformatskii, Menshutkin and others had contributed greatly to the growth of the discipline.

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