Metal-Catalyzed Electrochemical Diazidation of Alkenes

Song Lin presents the electrochemical diazidation of alkenes using metal catalysis.

Electrochemistry offers an efficient and sustainable alternative to conventional chemical approaches for organic synthesis. The group of Professor Song Lin at Cornell University (USA) has been developing novel efficient and sustainable synthetic processes in recent years.

Their research is based on a lot of previous work in the area of electro-organic synthesis, but was also inspired from creative research on small-molecule activation using electrocatalysis. Professor Lin stated that the group’s “main contribution to the area through this work published in Science is the integration of electrochemistry and catalysis, which synergistically controls the direct generation of highly reactive radical intermediates and the selective downstream reactivity of these open-shell species.”

The group’s strategy culminated in a reaction involving radical intermediates under very mild conditions, which resulted in a broad substrate scope and exceptionally high functional group compatibility compared to existing protocols for alkene diamination.

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