• Prof. M. Krasavin


New Entry to 3-Arylglutaconic Acid Derivatives

Flexible Entry into 3-Arylpent-2-enedioic Acids via Heck–Matsuda Arylation of Dimethyl Glutaconate with Arenediazonium Tosylates: D. Dar’in, G. Kantin, O. Bakulina, R. Žalubovskis, M. Krasavin
Synthesis 2019, DOI: 10.1055/s-0037-1611211

Michael acceptors with tunable reactivity are important compounds in biological and medicinal chemistry, as they can be used as inhibitors of enzymes having a nucleophilic residue in the active site, such as cysteine proteases and others. Synthetic methods that can rapidly and efficiently produce libraries of these compounds are of great interest. The group of Professor Mikhail Krasavin from Saint Petersburg State University (Russian Federation) has recently described a versatile approach to 3-arylglutaconic acid derivatives, meeting the criteria above.


  • Synthesis of 3-arylglutaconic acid derivatives


Professor Krasavin said: “Access to 3-arylglutaconic acids used to require cumbersome syntheses which did not allow for a flexible variation of the aryl groups; the direct arylation procedure developed here solves this problem and will likely rejuvenate this class of versatile building blocks for various synthetic pursuits.” 

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