News-Archive 2023

02.06.2023 Mechanochemical Silver-Catalyzed Ring-Opening Fluorination of Cyclobutanols

Isshiki, Kubota and Ito show the use of mechanochemistry in a ring-opening fluorination.

02.06.2023 Synthesis of Acidiphilamides A–C

Manoranjan Behera reports on the synthesis of a series of acidiphilamides.

31.05.2023 Total Synthesis of Bio-orthogonally Functionalized Securinega Alkaloids

Sunkyu Han describes the total synthesis of functionalized securinega alkaloids.

06.04.2023 Visible-Light-Mediated Regioselective Chlorosulfonylation of Acrylamides

Estíbaliz Merino reports on the regioselective synthesis of acyclic α-chloro sulfonyl amides.

06.04.2023 Enantioselective Synthesis of Antispasmodic Drug (R)-Tiagabine

Yong-Qiang Zhang and Longfei Li describe the enantioselective synthesis of (R)-tiagabine.

06.04.2023 Synthesis of Trisubstituted Furans from Homopropargylic Alcohols

Yoshikazu Horino shows the synthesis of trisubstituted furans via a tandem oxidation/cyclization.

06.04.2023 Photochemical Flow Synthesis of Pyrazolines from Tetrazoles

Marcus Baumann presents the photochemical synthesis of pyrazolines from tetrazoles in flow.

04.04.2023 Science of Synthesis: Michelle Chang is the 2023 Women in Chemistry Award Winner

Prof. Chang from UC Berkeley (USA) has been chosen as the 3rd recipient of the Dr. Margaret Faul Women in Chemistry Award.

06.03.2023 Organic Materials Welcomes New Associate Editors

New Associate Editors joined the editorial board or Organic Materials in January 2023.

22.02.2023 Gold-Catalyzed Stereoselective Synthesis of Polysubstituted Indanes

Nobuyoshi Morita and Osamu Tamura present the synthesis of polysubstituted indanes.

22.02.2023 Organocatalytic Synthesis of γ-Amino Acid Precursors

F. Pesciaioli, A. Carlone and L. Giansanti show a new way to synthesize γ-amino acid precursors.

22.02.2023 Oxidation of α-CF3 and Other Secondary Alcohols to Ketones Using a Nitroxide Catalyst

Nicholas Leadbeater describes the nitroxide-catalyzed oxidation of secondary alcohols.

15.02.2023 Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates – New Volume Editor

Renzo Luisi joins the team as editor of content relating to organolithium-, -sodium, and -potassium chemistry

23.01.2023 Thieme Poster Prizes awarded at SICC-11

The Thieme Poster Prize was awarded to Diao Huanlin at SICC-11.

20.01.2023 Thieme Poster Prizes awarded at SACI-44

The Thieme Poster Prize was awarded to Amusat Sefiu Olaitan and Matumelo Veronica Ndlovu at SACI-44.

19.01.2023 SynOpen welcomes a new Editor-in-Chief!

Prof. Thierry Ollevier, Université Laval (Canada) is the new Editor-in-Chief of SynOpen.

16.01.2023 Regioselective Synthesis of 5-Substituted Pyrazoles

Giogio Molteni describes the Cu(I)-catalyzed reaction of hydrazonyl chlorides with homopropargylic alcohols.

16.01.2023 Synthesis of the Proposed Structure of Cryptoconcatone H

Kevin Quinn presents the synthesis of cryptoconcatone H in its originally proposed structure.

16.01.2023 One-Step and Gram-Scale Synthesis of Caffeine-d9

Graham Murphy and Pavel Gris highlight a new synthetic route to caffeine-d9.

01.01.2023 SYNTHESIS is greeting a new editor!

Prof. Jung Min Joo, Pusan National University (Rep. of Korea), joins the Editorial Board of SYNTHESIS.

01.01.2023 SYNTHESIS welcomes a new editor!

Prof. Tomislav Friščić, University of Birmingham (UK), becomes a SYNTHESIS Editorial Board member.

01.01.2023 SYNLETT welcomes a new editor!

Prof. Monika Raj, Emory University (USA), becomes a SYNLETT Editorial Board member.

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