Nobel Prize 2021

Professors Benjamin List (Germany) and David MacMillan (USA) have been awarded the 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. They have both been invaluable members of the Thieme Chemistry family for many years. Join us in celebrating this recognition of their outstanding work on asymmetric organocatalysis, as we look at their contributions to SYNLETT and Science of Synthesis.

Ben List and David MacMillan’s contributions in SYNLETT

Both Ben and David have published articles on asymmetric organocatalysis in SYNLETT.

Science of Synthesis Volume: Asymmetric Organocatalysis

Edited by Ben List, and featuring two contributions by David MacMillan. Find out more here, and watch a video of Ben List discussing the project.

Ben List on SYNFACTS

Ben List explains how SYNFACTS helps chemists in academia and industry to keep up to date with current research.

Ben on Select Crowd Review

Are you wondering what value crowd review as a process can bring to science in general? Check out the video to hear 2021 Nobel laureate Ben List's thoughts on this question.

Six Questions to Ben

Ben List has been Editor-in-Chief of SYNLETT since 2015, and a SYNFACTS Editor since 2005. We asked him six questions. Enjoy this interview!

Nobel Prize Congratulations to the Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry 2021!

Read our press release on the award of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021.

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