One-Pot Reductive Conversion of Aldehydes into Acetic Esters

One-Pot Reductive Acetylation of Aldehydes using 1-Hydrosilatrane in Acetic Acid: R. R. James, S. Herlugson, S. E. Varjosaari, V. Skrypai, Z. Shakeel, T. M. Gilbert, M. J. Adler
SynOpen 2019, 3, 1–3

The conversion of aldehydes into the corresponding acetic esters traditionally requires a two-step sequence involving reduction of the aldehyde to primary alcohol followed by acetylation. Further complications may arise when the aldehyde is functionalized or chemically sensitive, requiring the use of reagents and conditions which may not be compatible with scale-up or may present energy or environmental sustainability issues. A one-pot direct method has been recently proposed by Professor Marc Adler (Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, USA and Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada) and his co-workers.

Professor Adler said: “This simple and effective method for reductive esterification uses hydrosilatrane, which we are continuing to demonstrate as a versatile and powerful reagent for organic synthesis.”
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