Portrait of Dr. Margaret Faul (Science of Synthesis Editorial Board Member)

Margaret Faul is Vice President of Drug Product Technologies at Amgen Inc, in Thousand Oaks, CA. She is responsible to develop the commercial processes for modalities within the Amgen portfolio from preclinical to commercial and has a strong knowledge of GMP, regulatory and compliance issues as they relate to the development of these pharmaceutical products.

Margaret received her B.Sc. and M.Sc degrees from University College Dublin, Ireland. In 1987 she moved to the United States where she received her Ph.D. degree in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from Harvard University with Professor David A. Evans. In 1993 Margaret joined the Chemical Process group at Eli Lilly and Company and in 2003 went to Amgen Inc, in Thousand Oaks, CA where she is currently Vice President of Drug Product Technologies within the Process Development organization.

During her 25-year career Margaret has leveraged her technical experience to support programs across all stages of development from preclinical to commercial focused on the process development and supply of drug substance and drug product for clinical trials and the commercial market. Margaret has experience working with Commercial Manufacturing Organizations worldwide and an ability to work with partners during licensing activities to ensure seamless integration and development of programs with the partner company. Margaret has a strong knowledge of GMP, regulatory and compliance issues as they relate to the development of pharmaceutical products. Margaret has received numerous awards in recognition of her leadership and mentorship including the Earle B. Barnes Award for Leadership in Chemical Research Management from Dow Chemical Company and the American Chemical Society and a HBA Rising Star Award.

At Amgen Margaret has invested significant effort in evolving a Green chemistry culture focused on implementation of greener and more sustainable chemical processes towards the development of novel drug substances. These efforts resulted in Amgen being awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 2017 in recognition of their work in development of an improved Green Process for Commercial Manufacture of Etelcalcetide.

Margaret has a strong scientific reputation and has invested significantly in supporting external scientific efforts. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Consortium for Innovation and Quality in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Chair of the Enabling Technologies Consortium. Margaret has a strong publication record being an author/co-author of more than 150 peer reviewed publications, presentations and patents. Margaret has served as a symposium organizer and session chair for several major process chemistry events and is has been a member of the Editorial boards for Science of Synthesis, Organic Synthesis, Journal of Organic Chemistry and Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry.


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