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Professor Chao-Jun Li joins the SOS Volume Editor Team!

We are very happy to announce the appointment of Prof. Chao-Jun Li as an editor for Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates content on aspects of the synthesis of alkyne-containing compounds.

Professor Li is currently Professor (E.B. Eddy Chair) and Canada Research Chair (Tier I) in Green/Organic Chemistry at McGill University (Montreal, Canada), where his research is focused on the development of green catalytic reactions and the synthesis of biologically active compounds. Click here to visit the homepage of the C.-J. Li Lab and learn more about his research activities.

Science of Synthesis Volume 43: Polyynes, Arynes, Enynes, and Alkynes was published in 2008 under the editorship of Professor Henning Hopf. The scope of the volume includes various strategies to prepare linear alkynes (by elimination, rearrangement, etc.), and there are also chapters on particular subclasses of conjugated alkynes (e.g., polyynes, cyclic and acyclic enynes, arylalkynes). In our collaboration with Professor Li, we look forward to the addition of important recent developments in alkyne chemistry to Science of Synthesis.

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