• Science of Synthesis Category 6

    Science of Synthesis Category 6


Science of Synthesis Category 6

Compounds with All-Carbon Functions e.g. Polyynes, Arynes, Enynes, and Alkynes; Cumulenes and Allenes; Arenes, Quasiarenes, Annulenes, and Polyenes; 1,3-Dienes; Alkenes and Alkanes

This category presents the methods for the synthesis of organic compounds organized according to the functional group or groups prepared in the product. The underlying organizational principle is the oxidation state i.e. all compounds are organized into product classes and product subclasses according to descending oxidation state.


Vol. No. Volume Title Volume Editor  Year 
43 Polyynes, Arynes, Enynes, and Alkynes (TOC) Hopf (Preface) 2008
44 Cumulenes and Allenes (TOC) Krause (Preface) 2008
45a Monocyclic Arenes, Quasiarenes, and Annulenes (TOC) Siegel/Tobe 2008
45b Aromatic Ring Assemblies, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, and  Conjugated Polyenes (TOC) Siegel/Tobe 2009
46 1,3-Dienes (TOC) Rawal/Kozmin 2009
47a Alkenes (TOC) de Meijere (Preface) 2009
47b Alkenes (TOC) de Meijere (Preface) 2009
48 Alkanes (TOC) Hiemstra 2009


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