Click Chemistry

Click chemistry is a discipline that has grown rapidly since the introduction of this term by Barry Sharpless approximately two decades ago.

Initially, click reactions mostly involved copper-catalyzed azide−alkyne cycloadditions (CuAAC) and their applications to connect molecules, but gradually new types of click reactions were developed which also allowed a much wider range of applications throughout the chemical, biological, and materials sciences. This volume provides an overview of the most widely used click reactions and their scope and limitations, as well as their uses in bioorthogonal chemistry and other fields. Transformations covered include CuAAC, RuAAC, SPAAC, SuFEx, and tetrazine- and sydnone-based cycloadditions. Written by pioneers and leaders in the field and including representative applications and experimental procedures. Newcomers to the field are enabled to instantly apply these reactions in synthesis.


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Professor Floris Rutjes

Professor Floris P. J. T. Rutjes Volume Editor Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Thieme Chemistry and Prof. Floris Rutjes would like to thank Nadine Oude Groen-Badart for the artwork used as the cover illustration.

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