Science of Synthesis Document Template

The document template helps structure a contribution and is important for the preparation of the proofs. It also electronically tags information for the electronic version.

The section headings in Science of Synthesis each have their own particular font and style. Using the document template helps assign blocks of text to various sections e.g. introductory text, product subclass, experimental procedure, etc. This, in effect, electronically tags the information at an early stage and is necessary for the development of the electronic version of Science of Synthesis. The style of the sections is not representative of the appearance of the final printed and electronic version, thus the styles differ from that given in the sample chapter, which is an example of the final printed product.

Document Templates for Microsoft Word

Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates (.dot)

Science of Synthesis Reference Library (.dot)

Instructions for Using the Templates

Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates ReadMe (pdf)

Science of Synthesis Reference Library ReadMe (pdf)

Please read carefully the installation and usage instructions given in the Readme file delivered in your download package. You may find reading the FAQ useful if you encounter any problems or have questions with installation or usage of the document template.

Examples - Sample Chapters

Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates (.doc)

Science of Synthesis Reference Library (.doc)

Examples - Final Printed Product

Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates (pdf)

Science of Synthesis Reference Library (pdf)

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