Science of Synthesis Expert Interviews

Professor Victor Snieckus

Professor Victor Snieckus Dept. of Chemistry, Queen's University, Canada The biggest chemistry challenges of today for the synthetic chemists are: efficiency, brevity, and atom economy. For tomorrow: a track or device by which an organic molecule will make pit stops, pick up reagents, and get transformed in a continuum to ..."

Professor Ernst Schaumann

Professor Ernst Schaumann Institut für Organische Chemie der TU Clausthal, Germany I’m convinced organic synthesis is not finished and this challenge goes on. ......"

Professor Jie Jack Li

Professor Jie Jack Li USA "I am interested in the C—H activation of heterocycles and in medicinal chemistry..."

Professor Jonathan Clayden

Professor Jonathan Clayden University of Bristol, UK "For me, the biggest question today lies at the boundary of chemistry and biology: how does chemistry become life?..."

Professor Tamio Hayashi

Professor Tamio Hayashi Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore "I have been working on asymmetric catalysis since some years and I think asymmetric C—H bond activation is a great reaction..."

Professor Wolfgang Kroutil

Professor Wolfgang Kroutil University of Graz, Austria "In society, I think chemists also need to work on the reputation of chemistry, because everything which is "bio" is considered fine but chemistry is..."

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