Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates 2013

35 Updated, revised and new contributions were published in 2013 as part of the Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates. Highlights include:

  • An update of the previous contribution on 1H-pyrroles covering the literature to 2011 and >900 references - W. D. Lubell, D. J. St-Cyr, J. Dufour-Gallant, R. Hopewell, N. Boutard, T. Kassem, A. Dörr, and R. Zelli
  • A new chapter on high-valent palladium in catalysis with a focus on C—H activation and the difunctionalization of alkenes - P. Chen, G. Liu, K. M. Engle, and J.-Q. Yu
  • A new chapter outlining many of the methods used to synthesize α-aryl ketones and α-hetaryl ketones - J. C. Collings 


A complete overview of all updated content published in 2013 is given in the tables of contents and abstracts.


Table of Contents:



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