Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates

Science of Synthesis is continuously updated with high-quality content using clearly defined criteria for method selection as well as established editorial processes

The Editorial Board, in conjunction with the volume editors and authors, reviews the whole field of synthetic organic chemistry as presented in Science of Synthesis and evaluate significant developments in synthetic methodology.

Authors, who are renowned specialists in their respective fields, add new methods and add new (or completely revise existing) product (sub)classes.

A list of all of the chapters that have been updated in Science of Synthesis so far is available here (pdf).

SOS Knowledge Updates 2023

Highlights are covering a range of modern methods for the synthesis of alkenes – from coupling reactions to C—H functionalization to hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reactions.

SOS Knowledge Updates 2022

Highlights include reviews on the applications of allenes and acridinium salts in organic synthesis, a chapter on cyclic diacyl peroxides, and updates on porphyrins and classes of organophosphorus compounds.

SOS Knowledge Updates 2021

Highlights include a new chapter on the application of chiral scandium complexes as well as updates on the synthesis of silylated germanes and stannanes, pyranones and pyranthiones, oxygen-functionalized alkenes, cyclic phosphines, and (thio)phosphates.

SOS Knowledge Updates 2020

Highlights include new chapters on alkane metathesis and synthesis of amides from acylboron compounds, and updates on the synthesis of allylsilanes, of benzopyrylium salts, of purines, and a review of recent advances in the aza-Diels-Alder reaction.

SOS Knowledge Updates 2019

Highlights include a new chapter on dual catalysis involving gold, a revised chapter on the synthesis and application of lithium amides, and updates on the synthesis of quinolines, imidic acids, isoureas, and guanidines.

SOS Knowledge Updates 2018

Highlights include new chapters on silver-promoted coupling reactions and the use of immobilized biocatalysts in flow chemistry, as well as on the synthesis of 1-(organochalcogeno)alkynes, phenols, arylphosphinic acids, and heteroatom-substituted allenes.

SOS Knowledge Updates 2017

Highlights include chapters on gold-catalyzed cyclizations as well as the synthesis of various organosilicon compounds, azaindole derivatives, azomethine imines, amides using flow/immobilization techniques, and haloalkyl species.

SOS Knowledge Updates 2016

Highlights include a major update on the synthesis of pyridines, pyridinium salts, and pyridine N-oxides as well as updates on the synthesis of alkyl, benzyl, and propargyl fluorides.

SOS Knowledge Updates 2015

Highlights include updates on the synthesis and applications of silyl hydrides and vinylsilanes, fluoro-, chloro-, and bromoarenes, hypervalent iodoarenes, and a major update on the synthesis of arylphosphine oxides and their heteroatom analogues.

SOS Knowledge Updates 2014

Highlights include updates of the organometallic complexes of iron (including ferrocenes) and zinc chapters, as well as an entirely new chapter on thioaldehyde and thioketone S-sulfides (thiosulfines).

SOS Knowledge Updates 2013

Highlights include an update of the previous contribution on 1H-pyrroles covering >900 references, a new chapter on high-valent palladium in catalysis, and a new chapter on the methods used to synthesize α-aryl ketones and α-hetaryl ketones.

SOS Knowledge Updates 2012

Highlights include new chapters on α-lithiated epoxides and aziridines, also the synthesis of aryl and hetaryl nitriles by metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions, as well as an update on the organometallic complexes of gold chapter.

SOS Knowledge Updates 2011

Highlights include a new chapter on group 4 metallocene-bis(trimethylsilyl)acetylene complexes, also a new chapter on dearomatization reactions using organolithiums, as well as a chapter on the asymmetric synthesis of nitriles.

SOS Knowledge Updates 2010

Highlights include an update of the indole and its derivatives chapter, a new chapter on acyclic hemiacetals, lactols, and carbonyl hydrates as well as a new chapter on polyamides.

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