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The content of Science of Synthesis has been assessed by many experts and a sample of some of the reviews which have been published in journals or on portals are given here

Cross Coupling and Heck-Type Reactions (M. Larhed, G. A. Molander, and J. P. Wolfe)

The three-volume distinguished work Cross Coupling and Heck-type Reactions, appearing at a moment in time of the evolution of synthetic organic chemistry which represents still the maiden voyages of the various reactions (as many of the contributing authors have noted), will provide cold daylight recognition of their roots, guide their reproduction, extension, or application in practice, and chart their future routes.

Snieckus, V., Synthesis, (2014), 46, 972 (pdf)

Snieckus, V., Synthesis, (2014), 46, 1121 (pdf)

Snieckus, V., Synthesis, (2014), 46, 1270 (pdf)

Asymmetric Organocatalysis (B. List and K. Maruoka)

In any case, the wealth and clarity of information in Science of Synthesis “Asymmetric Organocatalysis” should encourage both specialists and non-experts in the field to take a look in this excellent overview and discover the ever-growing and fascinating world of asymmetric organocatalytic transformations.


Selig, P.; Enders, D., Adv. Synth. Catal., (2012), 354, 1833 (pdf)


Water in Organic Synthesis (S. Kobayashi)

In summary, this book can be considered as the bible for reactions in water. The appropriate inclusion of typical experimental procedures makes this book indispensable in every modern research laboratory. ......

Knochel, P., Synthesis, (2012), 2474 (pdf)

Water in Organic Synthesis" is comparable to the best other books in this series, and offers a detailed portrait of a fascinating, multi-faceted research area that is richly endowed with well-developed and interesting reactions..

Organic Chemistry Portal: Read more here!


Stereoselective Synthesis (J. G. de Vries, P. A. Evans, and G. A. Molander)

Overall, the volume Stereoselective Reactions of Carbon–Carbon Double Bonds is a milestone reflecting the progress in the field, a pleasure to read or just browse, either on paper or on screen.


Minnaard, A. J., Synthesis, (2011), 3925 (pdf)

The content of this volume goes beyond information offered by traditional review articles and electronic databases. Distinct to the Science of Synthesis series, experimental procedures and chemical safety properties and precautions are included. This added feature will be particularly welcomed and appreciated by experimentalists.

Hsieh, T. H. H.; Dong, V. M., Synthesis, (2011), 3926 (pdf)

This book will be a practical guidebook and an essential reference source for researchers and the practitioners in the field for many years to come, and organic and medicinal scientists definitely should have one on their bookshelves.

You, S., Synthesis, (2011), 3927 (pdf)



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