Science of Synthesis 20th Anniversary Virtual Symposium in Honor of Barry Trost

On November 11, 2020, our virtual SOS symposium in honor of SOS Editorial Board member Prof. Barry Trost, including talks by himself and three of his alumni took place. We would like to say thank you to our chairs and speakers and the almost 1,500 participants for a wonderful symposium!

Science of Synthesis celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. To mark this occasion, and the remarkable career in organic synthesis of one of its founding editors, Prof. Barry M. Trost, we have invited himself as well as Profs Janine Cossy, Mark Lautens, and Nuno Maulide to speak at our virtual symposium. The symposium was chaired by Prof. Gary A. Molander and SOS Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Alois Fürstner. All of the talks were really great and gave insights into the latest findings in chemical research. We have been overwhelmed by the response and all of the positive feedback from the chemistry community.

There were 2,467 registrations and 1,452 actual attendees at the event itself. Chemists from over 77 different countries worldwide registered for the symposium, so it was a truly international audience. The USA and Europe were very well represented, with both industrial and academic chemists participating. 

These were the speakers on this occasion:

Prof. Barry Trost
Stanford University, USA

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Prof. Janine Cossy
ESPCI Paris, France
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Prof. Mark Lautens
University of Toronto, Canada
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Prof. Nuno Maulide
University of Vienna, Austria
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  Prof. Alois Fürstner
MPI Mülheim, Germany
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  Prof. Gary A. Molander
University of Pennsylvania, USA
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That was the agenda at this exceptional event


all times in CET:

6:00 PM
Dr. Fiona Shortt de Hernandez (Managing Editor, Science of Synthesis)
Chat manager: Dr. Alex Russell (Senior Scientific Editor, Science of Synthesis)
6:05 PM
Science of Synthesis Editor-in-Chief
Prof. Alois Fürstner (MPI Mülheim, Germany)
6:20 PM 
Symposium Chair
Prof. Gary Molander (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
6:30 PM
Strained Rings in Drugs. How to Introduce Them in Molecules?
Prof. Janine Cossy (ESPCI Paris, France)
7:05 PM
The Simplicity of Rearrangements
Prof. Nuno Maulide (University of Vienna, Austria)
7:40 PM 
The Wonderful World of Oxindoles
Prof. Mark Lautens (University of Toronto, Canada)
8:15 PM Short Break
8:25 PM
Chemistry and Biology: Merging Sciences?
Prof. Barry Trost (Stanford University, USA)
9:15 PM
Open Q&A
9:30 PM
Prof. Gary Molander (University of Pennsylvania, USA),
Prof. Alois Fürstner (MPI Mülheim, Germany),
Dr. Fiona Shortt de Hernandez (Managing Editor, Science of Synthesis

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