Synthesis and Structure of 1-Substituted Semithioglycolurils

Synthesis and Structure of 1-Substituted Semithioglycolurils: V. V. Baranov, A. A. Galochkin, Y. V. Nelyubina, A. N. Kravchenko, N. N. Makhova
Synthesis 2020, 52, DOI 10.1055/s-0040-1707391


Glycolurils are organic compounds featuring two cyclic urea groups joined across the same two-carbon chain. The first publication describing their synthesis dates back to 1870 and was authored by Hugo Schiff. Semithioglycolurils incorporate one sulfur atom that replaces one of the two carbonyl oxygens, and their chemistry is less developed than that of the parent urea-type compounds. Recently, the group of Dr. Vladimir Baranov from the Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow (Russian Federation) reported a novel and versatile synthesis of structurally diverse semithioglycolurils, which expands the availability of this interesting class of molecules.

Dr. Baranov said: “We have developed two simple approaches to the synthesis of 1-substituted semithioglycolurils – new promising scaffolds for organic synthesis.”

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