Synthesis of Fluorenone-Fused Coumarins

DMAP-Catalyzed Reaction of Diethyl 1,3-Acetonedicarboxylate with 2-Hydroxybenzylideneindenediones: Facile Synthesis of Fluorenone-Fused Coumarins: M. Shkoor, R. Bayari

Synlett 2021, 32, DOI: 10.1055/a-1385-2345


Polycyclic fused rings are frequently encountered in organic molecules endowed with a wide range of applications, from pharmaceuticals to functional materials or agrochemicals. In particular, coumarins are important structural frameworks, while fluorenone is often present in bioactive molecules, including natural products. Polycyclic compounds merging coumarin and fluorenone motifs could therefore have interesting properties, and for this reason they have recently been at the core of a research program developed by the lab of Dr. Mohanad Shkoor from Qatar University (Doha, Qatar).

Dr. Shkoor said: “In this work we investigated the reaction of diethyl 1,3-acetonedicarboxylate with 2-hydroxybenzylidineindenediones. This reaction represents the first example of reactions of substituted β-keto esters with 2-(2-hydroxybenzylidene) of 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds. This protocol could provide a powerful tool to access a wide variety of fused coumarins for different applications.”

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