Peptide Carbocycles: From –SS– to –CC– via a Late-Stage “Snip-and-Stitch”

Steven Bloom used a “Snip-and-Stich” approach to synthesize a large variety of peptide carbocycles.

Professor Steven Bloom from the University of Kansas (Lawrence, USA) pointed out that “Now more than ever, peptide medicinal chemists exploit synthetic functional groups to turn ordinary peptides into next-generation biopharmaceuticals. These “groups” often take the form of non-proteinogenic amino acids (NPAAs), which, unlike their biogenic counterparts, impart increased stability, binding affinity, and target specificity to the peptide.” His group is active in the area of NPAAs research. Besides inserting NPAAs into peptides, cyclizing the peptide can be an effective strategy for developing it as a drug “ The studies described here resulted in a brand-new platform wherein one cyclic disulfide peptide becomes many different carbocyclic analogues using a two­step “Snip­and­Stitch” approach.

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