Aryl Methyl Ketones: Versatile Synthons in the Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds

Mark Mitton-Fry presents recent highlight on the use of aryl methyl ketones in heterocycles synthesis in a Graphical Review.

Aryl methyl ketones, including heteroaryl analogues, are useful, cost-effective and commercially abundant substrates for the synthesis of aromatic heterocycles. The latter are very frequently used as building blocks in drug discovery and development, as a broad range of heterocycles can be very commonly found as key structural features in biologically active compounds. Modern methods for accessing heterocyclic compounds from aryl methyl ketones have been recently reviewed by way of a Graphical Review in SynOpen, authored by Dr. Mark J.  Mitton-Fry and co-workers (The Ohio State University, USA).

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