Total Synthesis of Aurantoside G

3-Acyltetramic acids are metabolites of a variety of marine and terrestrial species such as sponges, bacteria, fungi, and lichens with an impressive range of biological and pharmacological activities. Professor Rainer Schobert and his group from the University of Bayreuth (Germany) started to work with these compounds a couple of decades ago and serendipitously found a new Wittig-based access to their pyrrolidine-2,4-dione core. 

Their synthesis is still challenging as each structural subclass of 3-acyltetramic acids requires its own synthetic approach. The genuine sponge metabolite aurantoside G posed specifically intricate problems. Although being a natural product it is very sensitive to light which also applies to its compounds.

Read here the full article for free Total Synthesis of Aurantoside G, an N-β-Glycosylated 3-Oligoenoyltetramic Acid from Theonella swinhoei

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