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Who uses SOS?

Science of Synthesis is particularly relevant for chemists working in the field of organic synthesis

Institutional Customers

The didactic presentation of synthetic methodology appeals to chemistry lecturers as it helps with the preparation of their classes. Chemistry librarians appreciate the user-friendly interface which their students like. Chemistry researchers enjoy easy access to relevant and insightful content.

Corporate Market

Quick access to reliable methods of high quality helps with research effectiveness. The browsing functionality helps foster creativity among researchers. Chemistry information professionals like the simple interface and the fact that the product is intuitive.


Content appeals to consultants; experts; patent applicants; patent examiners etc. looking to gain an overview of a specialized field quickly.

Fields of Relevance
  • Synthetic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Organometallic Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Biotechnology
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SOS Introduction

In a nutshell: How SOS speeds up and improves your research


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