Add your OpenURL (e.g. SFX) services to Thieme E-Journals and the Thieme Reference Work Science of Synthesis.

The OpenURL standard is designed to support mediated linking from information resources (sources) to library services (targets). A "link resolver," or "link-server," parses the elements of an OpenURL and provides links to appropriate services as identified by a library. A source is generally a bibliographic citation or bibliographic record used to generate an OpenURL.

For librarians, using an OpenURL linking service provides a complete set of tools to easily localize and customize access to resources, keep them up-to-date, and track the usage of these resources.

For library patrons, using an OpenURL linking service means quick and reliable access to the resources they need.

If your institution would like to use an OpenURL linking service in conjunction with your licensed Thieme E-Journals or Science of Synthesis account, please email the following information to

1. Your institution’s OpenURL server name and link.
2. Your institution’s OpenURL icon (link). If you do not have an OpenURL icon, then a standard icon will be used.