RÖMPP is the largest and most renowned chemical encyclopedia published in German providing a unique and powerful information retrieval system for industry, academia and governmental authorities!



It covers all aspects of chemistry and related fields, such as biotechnology, food chemistry, and environmental and process technology. Since Hermann Römpp first published his encyclopedia in 1947 it has represented the scientific doctrines of the time.



RÖMPP offers:

  • 60.000 entries from the following specific fields: biotechnology and genetic engineering, chemistry, food chemistry, natural products and environmental and process technology
  • 200.000 cross-references
  • 12.000 chemical structures and graphics

Licensing Options:

  • Web-based product available through the Internet to institutions
  • License provides campus-or site-wide access to give unlimited availability 24/7
  • Access is authenticated by an IP address range which is set up by Thieme
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