Science of Synthesis

Science of Synthesis provides a critical review of the synthetic methodology developed from the early 1800s to-date for the entire field of organic and organometallic chemistry.

As the only resource providing full-text descriptions of organic transformations and synthetic methods as well as experimental procedures, Science of Synthesis is a unique chemical information tool. Its insightful, didactic reviews by experts add real value to your online reference collection.

Benefits of using Science of Synthesis

  • Save time when planning a synthesis
  • Find the right synthetic route quickly
  • Start with a synthesis immediately
  • Get a comprehensive overview of the field or a certain topic
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  • Web-based product available through the Internet to institutions
  • License provides campus-or site-wide access to give unlimited availability 24/7
  • Access is authenticated by an IP address range which is set up by Thieme


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SOS Introduction

In a nutshell: How SOS speeds up and improves your research