Thieme | Area9 USMLE® Step 1

Thieme | Area9 offers you the most efficient preparation for USMLE® Step 1 and course exams. Our adaptive learning Qbank continuously adjusts on your learning needs and your individual progress. By delivering high quality content and detailed explanations depending on your progress you get a learning experience similar to having a personal medical school coach.

The Thieme | Area9 adaptive learning Qbank is a new innovative platform featuring adaptive learning technology. Adaptive learning is an approach that uses sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence to adapt to your existing knowledge, confidence level, and schedule. The adaptive learning Qbank evolves continuously from the moment you sign in. By actively identifying and addressing areas of greatest need, the Qbank can increase studying efficiency and decrease the amount of time to proficiency.

The Qbank contains over 4,000 USMLE®-style multiple choice questions and background information slides that review high-yield topics.

Content is written by subject matter experts who are practicing physicians, professors, or researchers. A team of medical students who have successfully completed the USMLE® Step 1 works with our editorial staff to review all content for clarity, medical accuracy, and a standardized structure.

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