Thieme Teaching Assistant: Pharmacology

The Thieme Teaching Assistant: Pharmacology is a presentation tool featuring full-color illustrations demonstrating biochemical pathways and mode of action from Pharmacology: An Illustrated Review in one cutting-edge platform.

Lecturers can incorporate dynamic visuals into their presentations and course packs to present complex concepts with unprecedented clarity and to enhance and reinforce their students’ knowledge. Students can use the clear, full-color images for review, study, and self-assessment.

The Thieme Teaching Assistant allows users to:

  • Export images as individual files or embedded into PowerPoint slides or PDFs
  • Locate specific images using the search function
  • Use the Teaching Assistant live in the classroom to magnify images and demonstrate concepts with an unprecedented level of clarity
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Licensing Options:


  • Flexible agreements with several licensing options
  • Web-based product available through the Internet to institutions
  • Unlimited campus- or site-wide access controlled through your institution’s IP address
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