Ultrasonic Energy for Cutting, Coagulating, and Dissecting

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ISBN: 9783131275219

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One of the most versatile tools surgeons can have in their arsenal...

As technological advances continue to make surgical procedures more effective and efficient than ever, physicians are faced with the constant challenge of keeping abreast of the latest techniques and equipment. In Ultrasonic Energy for Cutting, Coagulating and Dissecting, an experienced team of surgeons offers a comprehensive guide to a large array of procedures that can be performed with new tools that use ultrasonic energy to cut and dissect tissues. The system described here Ultra-Cision-uses a hand piece that transforms electrical energy into mechanical movement, which causes the scalpel blade to vibrate at approximately 55 KHz per second. This movement in turn causes the proteins at the instrument tip to denature a sticky coagulum is formed, resulting in cleandissection and coagulation with little or no bleeding, which makes this type of surgery particularly effective for procedures in the parenchymatous organs. Used in operating rooms world wide in both laparoscopic and open surgical procedures, the surgical techniques described here enable the surgeon to target difficult-to-reach spaces, such as those that are close to vital organs. Ultra Cisionoffers the surgeon increased visibility and lessens the risk of damage to tissues and blood vessels. Because the same instrument can be used to cut, coagulate, and dissect, the surgeon is able to work more safely and efficiently. UltraCision technology is well suited for open and minimally invasive proceduresin many surgical specialties, such as:

  • Surgery of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract
  • Endocrine Surgery
  • Urology and Gynecology
  • And more . . .

Ideal for both practicing surgeons and those in training, this step-by-step guide features clear illustrations placed alongside photographs that make it easy to see exactly how the instruments work. In addition to detailed guidelines, the authors also provide ''hints and pitfalls,'' followed by useful, candid accounts of their ownexperiences. The future of surgery lies in the use-and mastery-of techniques such as this one. Ultrasonic Energy for Cutting, Coagulation and Dissection will help today's surgeons make the most of this remarkable technology.