Functional and Selective Neck Dissection

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For all surgeons who manage patients with head and neck cancer, this information-packed book offers both a new approach and a new philosophy of treatment-one that rejects radical procedures except in advanced disease and focuses on a combined functional and selective approach for optimal outcome. You will find the rationale, indications, surgical steps, and results of these procedures, and be better equipped to handle a wide range of complex clinical situations.

Functional and Selective Neck Dissection begins with a full explanation of the fascial compartmentalization of the neck, and goes on to explain and illustrate the procedures. Step-by-step descriptions of functional dissection surgeries, demonstrated with more than 200 high-quality, sequential operative photographs and drawings, highlight and clarify all points.

All head and neck surgeons, otolaryngologists, maxillofacial surgeons, plastic surgeons, and residents will find this synthesis of neck dissection techniques both informative and necessary for effective decision-making.

Special features:

  • A thorough description of the fascial anatomy of the neck, vital for facilitating an effective surgical approach in head and neck cancer patients
  • Step-by-step surgical descriptions of functional neck dissections, augmented by hundreds of sequential operative photographs
  • A full list of technical hints and pitfalls acquired through many years of clinical experience
  • A unique chapter answering the most frequently asked questions about available surgical techniques
  • A synthesis of the American and Latin viewpoints on neck dissection, key to understanding the evolution of the field and integrating the best aspects of both