General and Visceral Surgery Review

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ISBN: 9783131543110

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A crash course to help you succeed on the medical residency board exams!

Covering all the main topics and latest operative techniques, General and Visceral Surgery Review is a compact, highly structured review book designed to maximize your study time for the medical residency board exams. It pinpoints only the information you need to master the exam-enhanced by highlighted key words, summary tables, outline lists, and sidebar notes that make understanding and retention fast and easy.


  • Succinctly covers the major areas in general and visceral surgery-anatomy, etiology, disease patterns, symptoms, diagnosis, and therapy-with a focus on "what you need to know" for the exam
  • Provides nearly 200 instructive surgical descriptions and clear operative illustrations
  • Includes state-of-the-art minimally invasive and fast-track surgical techniques
  • Breaks topics into concise, digestible chunks of information that facilitate quick memorization
  • Offers targeted information that is comprehensive but not excessive-does not overload you with extraneous material
Optimally structured, clearly presented, and packed with helpful study aids, this book is the go-to companion for all students and residents specializing in general and visceral surgery and preparing for the medical residency board exams. It is also useful as a general study aid and a distillation of key points in conjunction with larger, more detailed texts.