Therapeutic Endoscopy

Second edition 2004
220 S. , 580 Abb. , gebunden (KB)
ISBN: 9783131082626

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Long awaited new edition of the best selling text:

  • full color atlas with more than 500 watercolors
  • superbly illustrated covering both new and established techniques in GI endoscopy
  • step-by-step approach to surgery
  • written by pioneers in the field
  • now fully updated with the newest interventional procedures


Incorporate advanced endoscopic techniques into your daily GI practice!
Offering the benefits of open surgery with far less trauma to patients, endoscopy has emerged as a key minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic modality. Now in a revised and expanded second edition, this innovative full-color atlas leads you step-by-step through the full range of procedures that can be performed endoscopically. Written by pioneers in the field, the book covers all the important endoscopic procedures, from foreign body extraction, enteral tube placement, and papillectomy to biliary stone extraction, bougienage, and balloon dilation, and many others. Hundreds of exquisite watercolor illustrations visually recreate each step to make even complex procedures relatively simple. You will also gain a full understanding of pathologic conditions from the clear anatomic illustrations.

Highlights of the second edition:

  • Updated to include mucosal en bloc resection for early gastrointestinal cancers, self-expandable metallic stents for Klatskin tumor, treatment of intraabdominal abscesses, and more
  • Nearly 600 artist's renderings show the anatomic situation, pathology, and step-by-step handling of equipment
  • Each highly structured chapter provides quick access to indications, prerequisites, instruments, techniques, and possible complications
  • Precise directions, special tips, and potential pitfalls help to ensure success in the most advanced procedures. Combining succinct instructions with hundreds of richly detailed illustrations, this bestseller is the "how-to" guide to therapeutic endoscopic techniques. It is an essential learning and reference tool for gastroenterologists and endoscopic surgeons at any level.