Periprosthetic Fracture Management

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Hear the authors discuss Periprosthetic Fracture Management.

This textbook accumulates the latest global knowledge on periprosthetic fractures, including all relevant anatomical regions, surgical pitfalls, complex cases, and a brand new comprehensive Unified Classification System, (UCS) on periprosthetic fractures, combining the original Vancouver classification with the AO/OTA Fracture and Dislocation Classification. Carefully selected case studies illustrate and describe individual solutions for often problematic fracture situations, providing comprehensive information from experts globally.

Orthopedic and trauma surgeons will be able to expand their knowledge regarding:

Risk factors and assessment of periprosthetic fractures and the patient
A new Unified Classification System (UCS)
Options and choices of fracture fixations techniques as well as more complex revisions or reconstructive procedures
More than 350 pages containing superb illustrations and images."The book addresses the causes and management of periprosthetic fractures, a more and more frequent problem of the aging population.

Part I covers the epidemiology, risk factors such as aging and osteoporosis, diagnosis and assessment and a new "unified" classification system.

Part II addresses the management of these often complex and complicated fractures with different surgical options and techniques, the goal being to offer the reader the best choices for an individual patient.

Part III consists of a collection of cases that describe the decision making and surgical solution as well as the outcome for a specific fracture around one of the large joints of the body.

More than 70 authors from around the world have contributed their personal experience to this book, which has been developed specifically with the orthopedic as well as trauma surgeon in mind.