Getting Started in Clinical Radiology

368 S. , 864 Abb. , Broschiert (KB)
ISBN: 9783131403612

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A fun and effective approach to understanding diagnostic imaging!

Covering all aspects of clinical radiology, this brilliantly innovative book takes you directly into the clinic, where you learn alongside fictional medical students as they work up actual cases. Illustrated throughout with high-quality images and diagrams, this unique text is structured to help you retain and recall crucial clinical information when it really counts.

A useful discussion of the practice of radiology sets the stage for chapters on topics including

  • all imaging modalities, and how and when they are used
  • how to understand and analyze the many different types of images
  • how to recognize normal and abnormal findings
  • the most common and important differential diagnoses
Guided by experienced clinicians-and educators-you'll discover the extraordinary amount of information images can provide, and also what makes analyzing images and reaching correct diagnoses fascinating, satisfying, and fun. Designed specifically for busy students, Getting Started in Clinical Radiology is both a rigorous selftest and a valuable introduction to an exciting and evolving area of medicine.
This book teaches radiology in a way that mimics a lively setting on the wards:
  • Basics of imaging are described using analogies from daily life to make them as understandable and memorable as possible
  • Most common differential diagnoses are presented
  • A great amount of image material supports the learning process