Fluorescein and ICG Angiography

Second edition, revised and expanded 1998
384 S. , 890 Abb. , gebunden (KB)
ISBN: 9783137419020

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Fluorescein angiography is an indispensable part of ophthalmologic diagnosis and education, providing key insights into pathogenesis and treatment. Using nearly 900 illustrations, this new edition of the classic text/atlas covers all the clinically relevant diseases that can be diagnosed using fluorescein angiography -- and is the first to include the relatively new technique of ICG angiography.

Special features include illustrated coverage of:
* ICG Angiography: A key new diagnostic procedure for evaluating a wide range of macular diseases
* Diseases of the Optic Nerve Head: Full discussion of differential diagnosis of neuroophthalmologic diseases
* Macular Diseases: Age-related macular disease is a leading cause of blindness, and angiography is the basis of treatment using laser therapy
* Vascular Diseases: Angiography is vital to laser treatment in such prevalent vascular diseases as diabetic retinopathy and venous occlusion
* Tumors: The role of angiography in diagnosing and staging different eye tumors is explored
* Video angiography: Demonstrates its value in diagnosing hemodynamic alterations of the eye

Describing hundreds of ophthalmologic diseases and including basic anatomic and physiologic principles, Fluorescein Angiography, 2nd Ed., is vital for accurate diagnosis and successful treatment.