Critical Care  Radiology

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ISBN: 9783131500519

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Learn to make quick diagnoses in critical situations with this user-friendly companion for on-call radiologists

Critical Care Radiology will help readers rapidly develop an accurate radiological diagnosis in a critical care setting and overcome difficulties typically encountered in intensive care such as limited image quality, non-specific findings, and time constraints.

Written by an interdisciplinary team of experts in radiology and critical care medicine, this book provides a concise overview of how to use the latest radiologic imaging technology in an intensive care setting. For each pathologic entity the authors provide concise descriptions of imaging strategies, morphologic findings, and differential diagnoses. The text covers diseases seen in internal medicine but also describes normal postoperative findings as well as postoperative acute complications, which makes the book a valuable companion in a surgical as well as in a non-surgical ICU ward. High-quality radiographs and CT images enhance the text throughout.


  • In-depth coverage of thoracic and abdominal critical care imaging in adult and pediatric patients
  • More than 560 high-resolution images taken using state-of-the-art technique
  • Hints for accurate image interpretation, including how to read suboptimal imaging data
  • More than 90 tables that highlight important facts and summarize diff erential diagnoses
  • Summaries of key takeaway points appear at the end of each chapter
This authoritative imaging guide is not only an indispensable companion for on-call radiologists and radiology residents, but also a valuable tool for all clinicians working on intensive care units.