Imaging Strategies for the Shoulder

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The complex anatomy of the shoulder, and the wide variety of pathological changes that can occur there, make imaging of the joint a challenge, even for the experienced radiologist.
This book provides the reader with systematic diagnostic strategies for evaluating the shoulder with all the most important radiologic modalities - in the context of clinical symptoms and findings. In doing so, it helps the clinician to obtain fast answers to the following questions:
What modality is most suitable?
How can the best exam results be obtained?
How can the referring diagnosis be verified?

The first chapter provides a concise and well illustrated description of the anatomy of the normal shoulder, and how the bony and soft tissues appear in radiographs, ultrasound, CT, and MR imaging studies. Further chapters are organized according to pathology, and show how trauma, degenerative changes, inflammatory changes, tumors, and much more are visualized with each modality. A special chapter covers all the pathologies in the pediatric patient.

Features of this book:

  • Systematic strategies for the radiological diagnosis of all shoulder conditions
  • Imaging modalities of first choice indicated, with recommendations for further studies.
  • Guidelines for positioning in radiography, and for best settings in CT and MRI exams
  • Lucid criteria for establishing the presence of disease
  • An innovative layout with concise texts permits extraordinarily quick orientation in the busy practice
This highly practical tool is indispensable for all musculoskeletal radiologists and orthopedic surgeons. Residents will value the direct access to the most important information for efficient learning.