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SYNTHESIS is a journal of international character devoted to the advancement of the science of synthetic chemistry, covering all fields of organic chemistry, including organometallic, medicinal, biological, and photochemistry, but also related disciplines.

SYNTHESIS is published semi-monthly (24 issues) and presents dependable research results with detailed and reliable experimental procedures and full characterization of all important new products. It is listed in the most important databases: Current Contents/Life Science, Current Contents/Physical, Chemical and Earth Science, Chemical Abstracts, Science Citation Index, Research Alert, Scisearch, Index Chemicus, Chemistry Citation Index, Current Chemical Reactions, Reaction Citation index, Reference Update, Biological Abstracts, EMBASE, CABS/BIOBASE, and GEO Abstracts/GEOBASE.

SYNTHESIS offers the following special features to the reader: 

  • Timely Reviews and Short Reviews
    Critically evaluated overviews on recent developments in a specific area of interest to the readership.
  • Feature Articles
    Papers of exceptional high quality and significance to the scientific community.
  • Practical Synthetic Procedures (PSP)
    Useful and reliable procedures of interest for both academic and industrial chemists presented in a compact form.
  • Book Reviews
  • Special Issues and Special Topics
    Thematic collections of articles on relevant new research in existing areas related to organic chemistry.